• Christie Perdue

New Year, New Goals

January 1st, the fundraiser’s or Executive Director’s least favorite day. Total amount raised...$0. All year end success behind you, new projects and big goals before you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead, implement strategies for success.

New Year New Priorities: My clients know that first and foremost we determine need. What do we NEED to fundraise for and how must do you NEED to raise. Many of you spent fourth quarter preparing, but I know I have some that are just now thinking about 2020 and that’s ok too. Your tools for success will be your gift table and case statement, update and refine them for the new year.

Take Your Show On the Road: Use the new year as a time to get out and see donors who you did not connect with in 2020, or better yet that gave and you haven’t had a chance to thank them in person. Share your 2019 successes and lay the groundwork for your 2020 goals and plans. If something wasn’t so great in 2019, share that with your donors too, they have to know the organization intimately in order to love it and give generously.

Let’s Talk Business: Your corporate donors make their giving decisions early in the year, and many are out of funds by July. Build a separate case statement and sponsorship plan for your corporate prospects. Ask for in person meetings and try to make your corporate asks before March.

Get Your Board Excited: Celebrate 2019, layout why you met your fundraising goals or what prevented you from making your goals. Involve the board is setting course for 2020. Most importantly, hand out your Board Prospect Sheet at your first meeting in 2020, and ask for names of people you should contact and meet with in the new year.  

Set Personal Goals: how many time do you want to meet with donors per month? Per week? How many touch points in day? Set your personal fundraising course, keep track of your progress and hold yourself accountable. Great fundraising does not happen behind a desk.

It’s a new year and a new goal, but the same tried and true processes need to go to work for you And your organization. And if you do none of the above, just get out and meet with your donor base.

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