• Christie Perdue

Superbowl & Philanthropy

As I watch the Super Bowl and the commercials I am struck by a steady theme of philanthropy. Budweiser is canning water for disaster relief, Mass Mutual is showing examples of generosity and kindness, T-Mobile showcasing babies and their future equality, and WeatherTech their new factory built in the US.

Companies are highlighting their philanthropic and socially responsible activities, spending their million dollar seconds of air time showcasing their philanthropy more so than their product.

As fundraisers we should listen to these national examples and bring the concepts home locally. Instead of asking for a single donation, build a corporate relationship. Ask for a partnership. We can do a better job of engaging with our corporate sponsors and creating individual and unique recognition opportunities.

Some ideas:

—Present a shared marketing campaign concept which highlights the corporation’s generosity as recognition for their donation

—Showcase their employees volunteering time in conjunction with a donation, and offer to share it with your donors and suggest their share it with their employees & clients

—Build relationships with their decision makers, treat them as individual donors and not just pieces of a corporation

In light of changing tax laws, relationships will be what matters, and we have to work even harder as fundraisers to build lasting relationships with our corporate donors.

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